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My name is Oleksandr Chernyshenko. I firstly knew about Socioncs 18 years ago. This interesting kind of human diagnostics explained me specifics of human behavior and differences in their relationships.

I have known a lot since that time. I have got a lot of achievements in my trying to explain people laws of nature and their relationship. I have consulted hundreds people. And now I want to help you to understand who you are.

Why do you need to determine your natural socionic type?

Knowing your socionic type provides a lot of useful information about yourself - inherent strengths and weaknesses, recommendations for choosing and developing a profession, and knowledge about what psychological qualities one tends to look for in other people, be able to recognize duals and learn how to build relationships with them, or solve some other specific need or situation.

How to discover your personal socionic type?

If you want to know your personal socionic type you need fill the application form (you can find it below) and write your Skype, Viber or WhatsApp there.

Then two ways are possible:

1) We can meet in Kyiv in any suitable place and I will make socionic diagnostics (define your personal socionic type).

2) If you live in any other place, we will connect on Skype, Viber or WhatsApp. Firstly you send me your photo for analyze, then we have video skype chat and I define your personal socionic type.

During the personal diagnostics I ask you some questions about your character, behavior, habits etc. You answer me and at the end of our conversation I tell you about your natural socionic type based on your answers and what you need to do with it. The process of socionic diagnostics takes about 60-90 min.

The Socionic diagnostics fee is 700 UAH, 2000 RUB, 35 USD, 30 EUR.

You can make a payment in cash after consultation if we meet in Kyiv. In other case you can pay on a PrivatBank Master Card (UAH, USD, EUR), with Webmoney, Yandex-money, transfer money via Western Union, MoneyGram or another service (of your own choice).

If you are an owner of business, the head of department, a recruiter I’d recommend you to make socionic diagnostics to your stuff. It helps you to streamline workflow and to improve teamwork. For making socionic diagnostics to your stuff write me to discuss details.

Client Feedbacks

Natalia (social type "Dostoyevsky")

Thanks to Oleksandr, I could learn more about myself and my inner world. Now it is clear to me why I have formed friendly relationship and why neutral. Now I can look at life situations from the point of view of socionics. Now I know my strengths and weaknesses and sides I need to work! I am impressed by the professionalism of Oleksandr with the definition of the social type, his genuine interest, attentive to my inner feelings, effective assistance and psychological support. Oleksandr, thank you sincerely for the consultation!

Yuri (social type "Maxim Gorky")

Oleksandr found the time to meet, professionally determined my social type, provides the necessary support, and invited me to socionic meeting, where I had the opportunity to chat with like-minded people. I want to express my gratitude for the sincere dedication! Thanks to Oleksandr for diagnostics and help!

Natalia (social type "Huxley")

Today I was typed in socionics by Oleksandr. Before I tried to know my type many times according to different sources, but I always had doubts. Oleksandr dispelled my doubts! Oleksandr is a very competent, serious professional, friendly, considerate person. In addition to determining my social type, he also gave me advice on dealing with my teenage daughter, based on her psychological characteristics. Today conversation will help me in future self-knowledge and in the practical implementation of my plans! Thanks again!

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